Number of patients with Sinus Tarsi Syndrome returned to pre
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The purpose of this study was to determine multiple return to sport rates, long-term clinical outcomes and safety for subtalar arthroscopy for sinus tarsi syndrome.

Subtalar arthroscopies performed for sinus tarsi syndrome were analyzed. 22 patients were assessed with median follow-up of 60 months. All patients were active in sports prior to the injury. The primary outcome was the return to pre-injury type of sport rate. Secondary outcomes were time and rate of return to any type of sports, return to performance and to improved performance. Clinical outcomes consisted of Numerous Rating Scale of pain, Foot and Ankle Outcome Score, 36-item Short Form Survey and complications and re-operations.

--55% of the patients returned to their preoperative type of sport at a median time of 23 weeks post-operatively
--95% of the patients returned to any type and level sport at a median time of 12 weeks post-operatively
--18% returned to their preoperative performance level at a median time of 25 weeks post-operatively
--5% returned to improved performance postoperatively at 28 weeks postoperatively .

Median Numerous Rating Scale of pain in rest was 1.0 ,
2.0 during walking ,
3.0 during running and
2.0 during stair-climbing.

The summarized Foot and Ankle Outcome Score was 62. The median Short Form Survey-36 physical component summarized score and and the mental component summarized score were 46 and 55, respectively. No complications and one re-do subtalar arthroscopy were reported.

6 out of 10 patients with sinus tarsi syndrome returned to their pre-injury type of sport after being treated with a subtalar arthroscopy. Subtalar arthroscopy yields effective outcomes at long-term follow-up concerning patient-reported outcome measures in athletic population, with favorable return to sport level, return to sport time, clinical outcomes and safety outcome measures.