#OXFORDUpdate: Benzodiazepine use before conception and risk
It is already known that Benzodiazepine use in pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage, adverse birth outcomes, and adverse child development outcomes. A study was conducted to know that women who fill a benzodiazepine prescription before conception at increased risk of ectopic pregnancy?

Of the 1691366 pregnancies, 1.06% filled at least two benzodiazepine prescriptions totaling at least 10 days supply in the 90 days before conception. Among women with a benzodiazepine prescription, there was an excess of 80 ectopic pregnancies per 10000 pregnancies, and their IPT-weighted risk of ectopic pregnancies was 1.47 times greater relative to women without benzodiazepine prescriptions before conception. The IPT-weighted RR between ectopic pregnancy and benzodiazepine use was 1.34 among women with anxiety disorder diagnoses and 1.28 among women with an insomnia diagnosis.

This study found that risk of ectopic pregnancy is 50% higher among women who fill a benzodiazepine prescription before conception. This information can help women, and their healthcare providers make more fully informed decisions about benzodiazepine use in their reproductive years.