Ocular and osteoarticular TB in a young patient
The present case has been reported in the Romanian Journal of Ophthalmology.

A young healthy patient, health-care worker in a state hospital, presented in the eye department complaining of pain and blurred vision in the left eye for approx. 2 weeks. Examination revealed a VA of 12/ 20 in the left eye, an interstitial keratitis, some signs of vitreal inflammation and two chorioretinal mass lesions (at echography appearing cystic) in the affected eye.

She also mentioned a chronic pain in the right wrist. No systemic association was found. Based on the orthopaedic examination, biopsy, and surgical intervention, a strong suspicion of ocular tuberculosis was made and the patient was advised to start tuberculostatic treatment for 12 months and ocular steroidian treatment for 4 months. The ocular manifestations regressed totally after 3 months of treatment, the VA of the left eye improving at 20/ 20.

Major takeaway:-
- Tuberculosis can present many manifestations, with multi systemic involvement.

- Ocular tuberculosis is a difficult diagnosis and thus requires thorough multi-disciplinary investigations.

- Ocular tuberculosis usually occurs in apparently healthy individuals and can lead to irreparable, vision threatening damage to the eye.

- On the other hand, an innocuous ocular involvement may be associated with significant systemic tuberculosis.

- As in this case, the ocular finding can help the physician make a diagnosis of systemic tuberculosis.

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