Ode to the Death of the Physical Exam
Here ye here ye
on this day we take the time to remember
the loss of a fond friend,
the physical exam

gone are the days
of the bedside JVP
absent a waves, dominant v waves,
now we just lasix them all

There is no-one to appreciate
the subtle art of trousseau sign
or even the grade 1 diastolic murmur
(that probably doesn’t exist)

What need are there for speculums
When you can just consult gyne
Or the need for reflex hammer
When you can give neuro a call?

I look fondly on the days as a young med scholar
doing a full respiratory exam
does anyone ever do anymore
the whispered pectoriloquy?

here we lay to rest,
the art of touching the patient
now we fast track
and roll them through the CT scanner

Source: http://gomerblog.com/2018/07/ode-to-the-death-of-the-physical-exam/
(GomerBlog.com is a satirical medical news website created by a bunch of wannabe stand up comedians who ended up in healthcare.

Working in medicine is stressful! Sometimes it just flat out blows being a Healthcare Professional. Mental health issues and burnout are RAMPANT in healthcare professionals and we are here to help!!)
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Dr. M●●●●●a D●●●i
Dr. M●●●●●a D●●●i Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Truley ssid,it is indeed a dying art.
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Dr. a●●●i  k●●l
Dr. a●●●i k●●l Anaesthesiology
Today doctors prefer subjecting the patient to ct scans equivalent to 15 to 30 xrays rather than touching the patient for examination
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