Odisha doctor goes on Covid-19 duty despite losing his mothe
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A doctor in Odisha’s Sambalpur district is being hailed for his commitment and reporting to duty amid an outbreak of the novel coronavirus in the country despite suffering a personal loss.

Dr. Ashok Das, Sambalpur’s assistant divisional medical officer, lost his 80-year-old mother Padmini Das on March 17. Das, appointed as the nodal officer in the district on Covid-19, carried on with his duty of spreading awareness about the disease even after his mother’s death. Das attended multiple meetings in the district where he made laborers and farmers aware of the preventive measures for combating the novel coronavirus. He also went to the District Headquarters Hospital.

Later in the evening, he returned home and performed the final rites of his mother in the presence of family members. “Serving people was more important than taking personal leave. Even if the loss was personal, my duty is for the society as a whole,” said Das.

Odisha has so far reported one positive case of the novel coronavirus as the 173 people, including those discharged and four deaths, have been infected as on Friday morning.

Source: https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/odisha-doctor-goes-on-covid-19-duty-despite-losing-his-mother/story-Au36r67BYCTdfBzjO9MTmJ.html
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I am presently on duty to check &trace; the coro cases.
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Hats off to your bravery sir & sorry for your loss !
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