Odontoma associated with unerupted primary maxillary canine
The present case has been reported in the National Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery. A 5-year-old boy reported to the outpatient department of pedodontics and preventive dentistry with a chief complaint of missing maxillary right primary canine.

Extraoral examination showed no asymmetry. Intraoral examination revealed normal-colored buccal mucosa. Increase in the volume of the alveolar ridge with mild swelling in buccal bone and absence of the canine was seen. OPG revealed an irregular radiopaque mass at the incisal border of the canine. Maxillary left permanent central incisor was also missing in the arch. For confirmation of the diagnosis, an intraoral periapical radiograph was advised in relation to primary maxillary right canine.

On the basis of clinical and radiographic evaluation, a provisional diagnosis of a complex odontoma in relation to maxillary primary right canine was established.

Treatment was initiated with the enucleation of the lesion under local anesthesia. It was decided to extract the primary canine because it was impacted in the capsule of the lesio. Followingn surgical removal, sutures were placed. The patient was recalled after 5 days for the removal of sutures. Later, the lesion was sent to the pathological examination.

Clinical and radiographic examination was conducted after 1 month that showed a reduction of the alveolar ridge.

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