On it's second anniversary, Excel Eye Care presents to you a
Dr. Jayesh Vazirani
On it's second anniversary, Excel Eye Care presents to you a unique event. Ask Me Anything (AMA) is an informal, intimate meeting designed for maximum interaction. The USP of this meeting is the unparalleled access attendees have to the guest speakers. Attendees would be able to freely interact on a one on one basis with them, without any restrictions.

Drs Pravin Krishna, Virender Sangwan and Sayan Basu are world renowned experts in cornea and ocular surface disorders. The meeting has a case based format, with emphasis on concise clinical pearls that would be relevant to clinicians in their routine practice.
For more information or any other queries, please call Ms. Amita on +91-7984734169 or write to us: ama2019@exceleyes.com
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