Oncosurgery Mastercourse 5.0: A unique video based workshop
Oncosurgery Mastercourse 5.0: A unique video based workshop
We are pleased to invite you to participate in the fifth edition of Oncosurgery Mastercourse – OM5.0, organized by HCG Cancer Centre and Aastha Oncology Associates at Crowne Plaza, Ahmedabad on 30th and 31st of March, 2019.

Know more: https://pxmd.co/om5n3

OM 5.0 is going to bring masters of the field to satisfy thirst of knowledge and to clear doubts by one to one interaction on masters' videos. The topics of the videos are:

- Advanced ca tongue – Surgical concepts and techniques
- Marginal Mandibulectomy without lip split
- Surgeries of SMF
- ITF clearance in buccal cancer
- MRND – Types and techniques
- Anterior skull base – Approaches and techniques
- Perfecting Parotidectomy
- Thyroidectomy – Techniques and trivialities
- Retrosternal goitre with or without sternal split
- Nerve monitoring in head and neck surgery
- Maxillectomy _ Trans mandibular and endoscopic approach
- Pedicled and free flaps videos
- Robotic neck dissection
- Robotic Thyroidectomy
- TEP and other voice prosthesis

Who should attend:

- Surgical Oncologists
- ENT Surgeons
- Head and Neck Surgeons
- Dental Surgeons
- Maxillofacial Surgeons
- PG students of all specialties

Let us use this opportunity to learn from mutual experiences for ensuring better patient outcome.

Know more and register now: https://pxmd.co/om5n3
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Oncosurgery Mastercourse - OM5.0

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