Online Learning And Assessment Module Introduced In MBBS Cur
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A module on Online learning and Assessment to be a part of the new MBBS curriculum has been recently released by National Medical Commission. NMC described it into pure online learning or blended learning. They further introduced and defined terms such as online learning, synchronous learning, Asynchronous learning, distance learning, e-learning.

A sequential step-wise Curriculum Implementation Support Program (CISP) to train medical college teachers in the various changes built into the outcome-driven new curriculum was developed which will include training like like Faculty Guides, Learning Resource materials and in-situ training of teaching faculty of colleges through a multi-tier Faculty Development Program. In its first year CISP was a major achievement said Dr RK Vats, Secretary National Medical Commission.

Due to pandemic a major setback to the efforts to train medical college faculty on changes incorporated in the second year of the new UG curriculum wherein the major challenge of horizontal and vertical integration of curriculum were built in addition to new teaching learning modalities like Learner-doctor method of clinical training(Clinical Clerkship).

This challenge forced the academic cell and the expert Group advising the National Medical Commission to explore Online teaching-learning and assessment modalities. This module on Online learning and Assessment is the outcome of these efforts and provides valuable and much-needed information to medical college faculty.

Besides laying down the pros and cons of online learning, the module also takes a cue from the CBME document of Medical Council of India (2018)15 that recommends e-learning at the different junctures.

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