Only 3 out Of 40 Covid Victims Died After Taking Two Shots:
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A hospital-based study on the comparative effectiveness of two vaccines — Covishield and Covaxin — found no significant difference in terms of Covid-19 and in-hospital mortality. In other words, the study has found both vaccines equally effective in lowering the mortality as well as disease progression.

Peerless Hospital had conducted the study on 294 patients with moderate to severe infection. The study found that of the 294 patients, 201, which is 68.4%, were unvaccinated while 15 had received Covaxin and 78 had got the Covishield jab. Of the 93 patients who contracted the infection post-vaccination, 73 had taken the first dose while only 20 had taken both the doses of either of the vaccine.

The in-hospital mortality rate among 294 patient was 13.4% when 40 patients died during treatment. Among the deaths, 26 were completely unvaccinated while 11 of them had got only the single dose. Only three had received both the doses — two of them Covishield and one of them Covaxin.

“Even among the three deaths who were fully vaccinated, they had contracted the disease within 14 days of the second jab. And patients who died post vaccination had severe co-morbid conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and malignancy. We found no significant difference in the effectiveness of the two vaccines,” said Peerless hospital clinical research and academic director Subhrojyoti Bhowmick, co-author of the study.

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