Only one admission session for DNB broad specialty (post MBB
National Board of Examination (NBE) has recently notified that there will be only one session i.e., January session for admissions of DNB broad specialty (post MBBS) courses.

The admission for DNB Broad specialty courses for January admission session is carried out by utilizing the merit list of NEET-PG. NBE has been conducting a separate DNB CET in June / July every year for admission to July academic session.

The notice released by the NBE states that, "...It has been decided that from 2019 onwards, there shall only be a single admission session for DNB Broad Specialty courses i.e. January admission session. The allotment of DNB Broad Specialty Courses to candidates for January admission session shall be done through merit-based counseling utilizing the merit list of the corresponding NEET-PG..."

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What about post diploma DNB examination?
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Mujhe to ye samjh nhi aa raha.... Kya Zaroorat thi aisa karne ki????
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The NBE has again issued a clarification on the above order stating: a.) The seats of July 2019 admission session shall be carry forwarded to January 2020 admission session. As the counseling for January 2019 admission session is in progress, it is not operationally feasible to include the seats of July 2019 admission session b.) Single admission session for DNB courses will align the admission process with the admission process for MD /MS courses c.) Single admission session will ensure that the entire admission to DNB Broad Specialty courses is through NEET-PG... Read more
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