Operative hysteroscopy intravascular absorption syndrome: th
A 41-year-old, 65-kg, smoker female patient was admitted for an endoscopic resection of submucous uterine myoma under general anesthesia using a laryngeal mask airway. In the 50th minute of the procedure, end-tidal CO2 dropped from 35 to 25 mmHg and pulse oximetry (SpO2) from 100% to 90%. Crackling sounds were heard from the base of the lungs. As a pulmonary oedema was suspected, the volume of irrigated saline was checked. A total of 4000 of the total 9000 mL of the saline had been absorbed into intravascular compartment. She developed a severe metabolic acidosis (pH 7.09) with severe hypokalemia (K+ 2.3 mEq/L), hypocalcaemia (Ca2+ 0.76 mEq/L), anemia (hemoglobin 5.3 g/dL), and hypothermia (tympanic temperature 33°C), as well as a generalized oedema with pulmonary and airway oedema. Due to airway oedema, she could only be intubated with a 6.5-mm tracheal tube. Resuscitation in the ICU was required. Electrolyte disturbances were corrected and furosemide was administered. She had a full recovery after 24 hours and 48 hours later, she was discharged.

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