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Blepharitis, or eyelid margin disease, is a common condition that affects all ages, ethnicities, and genders. The condition is characterized by inflammation of the eyelid margin. It can result in architectural changes to the soft tissue of the lid margin and cause damage to the ocular surface. Clinically, the eyelid margin can be seen as erythematous and thickened initially with effacement of the lid margin and lashes chronically. While blepharitis tends to be more severe and symptomatic in persons 50 years and older, two specific demographic populations — adolescents and females — deserve attention as the underlying causes can be different and may require individual treatment options.

Prevention by way of patient education is vitally important in the treatment and management of patients. Certain ingredients in makeup, cleansers and moisturizers help repair and restore the soft tissue of the periocular region while others incite more inflammation. Patients often are not aware of what can be damaging. Lid hygiene should be advocated as an essential part of the daily skin care routine, especially in the female demographic. Given the unique microenvironment of the eyelid margin and its function in protecting the ocular surface, opportunities abound for clinicians and industry to help patients understand the importance of prevention to reduce downstream effects that lead to both functional and aesthetic loss.

Aesthetic surgeries in the periocular region such as blepharoplasties, canthoplasties and ptosis surgery are often performed in younger patients. Most patients are seeking less recovery time and desire achieving good surgical outcomes sooner rather than later. Beyond the familiar recommendations to use heat and baby shampoo to treat eyelid margin disease, several eyelid cleanser products are now available. Key ingredients in these cleansers are the same ones that are important for facial cleansing. The goal is to reduce the microbial load without causing dehydration and/or inflammation of the natural skin barrier. The I-Lid ’n Lash line (Quidel) achieves this balance by incorporating both a hydrating ingredient and a natural anti-inflammatory. When we begin to think of eyelid hygiene the same way we think of skin care for the face and body, hopefully, the incidence of eyelid margin disease will decrease, and the aesthetics of the lid and lashes will be better preserved throughout the aging process.

Source: https://www.healio.com/news/aesthetics/20200805/eyelid-hygiene-requires-more-attention
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