Oral acetazolamide reduces IOP elevation during, after catar
Oral acetazolamide given 1 hour prior to cataract surgery in eyes with glaucoma significantly reduces the IOP elevation from 1 to 24 hours, while administering the drug 3 hours postoperatively reduced IOP elevation at 5 hours or more postoperatively, according to researchers.
The prospective, randomized clinical study took place at the Hayashi Eye Hospital in Fukuoka, Japan. Consecutive eyes with medically-controlled primary open-angle glaucoma that were scheduled for phacoemulsification with IOL implantation were recruited.A total of 90 patients were assigned randomly to one of three groups the day before surgery: eyes that were to undergo oral acetazolamide administration 1 hour prior to surgery, eyes that were to undergo oral acetazolamide administration 3 hours after surgery, or eyes that were not to undergo administration.
Age gender, ratio of left to right eyes, corneal astigmatism, manifest spherical equivalent value, nuclear opalescence, duration of surgery and total volume of irrigating solution used did not differ significantly among the groups. There were 44 men and 46 women.