Oral bullous lichen planus: A case report
The present case has been reported in the journal Contemporary Clinical Dentistry.

A 34-year-old female patient with the chief complaint of burning sensation in the oral cavity associated with generalized pruritis, scalp and skin lesions diagnosed as
Bullous lichen planus and treated with systemic prednisolone, levamisole, benzydamine oral rinse. Patient is in follow up since 1 year and free of lesions.

On intra-oral examination solitary mixed red and white lesions, irregular in shape, measuring about 2 ×3 cm i.r.t right posterior buccal mucosa extending anteriorly from mesial of 45 posteriorly distal to 48, superiorly from occlusal plane of 14 inferiorly up to buccal vestibule i.r.t 45 46 47 48 regions, surface presented with bullae filled with clear fluid measuring about 1 ×0.8 cm, margins are irregular with pseudo membrane slough in the posterior buccal mucosal region, surrounding buccal mucosa was normal.

Hard palate showed solitary white lesion measuring about 1.5 ×1 cm irregular in shape, extending anteriorly from mid-palatal raphe posteriorly to line joining distal surface of 13 23, white papules, interspersed with striae, surrounding mucosa was normal.

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