Oral health consequences of smokeless tobacco use: An update
Smokeless tobacco (SLT) use has many oral effects including oral cancer, leukoplakia and erythroplakia, oral submucous fibrosis (if mixed with areca nut), loss of periodontal support (recession) and staining of teeth and composite restorations.

This review, published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research is aimed to provide information to identify oral lesions that occur due to the use of smokeless tobacco so that effective interventions can be undertaken to reduce morbidity and mortality from the use of SLT.

The main categories of smokeless or chewing tobacco-induced oral mucosal soft-tissue lesions reported are: oral squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and verrucous carcinoma; oral potentially malignant disorders (OPMDs) (leukoplakia, erythroplakia and erythroleukoplakia); and tobacco pouch lesion [tobacco and lime users’ lesion, oral submucous fibrosis (OSF) when mixed with areca nut].

Read about the case here: https://pxmd.co/bVKiF
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