Oral lichenoid lesion manifesting as desquamative gingivitis
The aim of this report, published in The Open Dentistry Journal is to present a clinical case of oral lichenoid lesions associated with amalgam restorations with the presence of desquamative gingivitis for nine months follow up period.

The histopathologic characteristics and direct immunofluorescence were compatible with Oral Lichenoid Lesion (LLO). The diagnosis was based on a synthesis of all available information, including medical history, clinical examination, histopathology and the results of specific tests, such as the patch test, which confirmed allergy to thimerosal, an organic compound of mercury.

Learning Points:-
• The complete healing of the desquamative gingivitis, after this period, however, reinforced that it was related to the development of lichenoid lesions associated with dental amalgam, as a hypersensitive response to thimerosal.

• Although basic periodontal therapy may have contributed to the resolution of the DG, it was not sufficient, since the complete removal of dental amalgam restorations was necessary for the complete disappearance of the erythematous areas of the gingiva.

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