Oral maxillary exostosis: a case report
The present case has been reported in the journal Clinical Case Reports.

A 50‐year‐old man was referred at the outpatient clinic for multiple hard masses of the maxilla. The intraoral examination revealed multiple proliferating lesions of hard consistency, painless, and covered by normally colored mucosa, in the buccal aspect of the maxilla above the teeth. A slow but steady dimensional increasing was referred by the patient over the last year.

The familial medical history was negative for bowel disease and for similar jaw lesions. On the panoramic radiograph, multiple well‐defined radiopacities with a round/ovoid appearance were detectable over the upper jaw.

The cone beam computed tomography revealed multiple proliferating osseous lesions with irregular appearance emerging from the buccal cortical plate of the maxilla without signs of teeth involvement. The diagnosis was of typical multiple buccal exostosis of the maxilla; a periodical follow‐up was suggested.

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