Orbital bony aging changes in eyes : Orbital aging is a dy
Dipanjan Das
Orbital bony aging changes in eyes :

Orbital aging is a dynamic process ,starting right after birth. It systemically affects all the anatomical structures which compose the orbit as bony skeleton, muscles, fat,skin etc.
Orbital bony aging-
The orbital aperture increases with age , in both area and width. Resorption is uneven and dite specific.
The superomedial and inferolateral aspects of the orbital rim ,in particular,recede more. The changes occur at different rate.

The inferolateral orbital rim changes manifest earlier, by middle age, whereas in superomedial quadrant a recession may be noted only in old age.

The inferomedial quadrant of orbit has tendency to recede in old age.,specifically in male. In contrast, the central part of the superior and inferior orbital rims is more stable, with little if any resorption occurring with age.

The resorption of facial skeleton results in the periosteum retrution , altering the position of the outer surface of the bones.

Accordingly, the location of the attachments of facial ligaments and muscles through the periosteum also moves.

As a result ,these structure may loose mechanical advantages of their effect on the tissues they act uppon leading to Periorbital aging stigmata.
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