Orthodontic-surgical Mx of an unusual dilacerated maxillary
Orthodontic traction of an impacted dilacerated maxillary central incisor is clinically challenging and often results in a long treatment duration.

A case of an unusual dilacerated central incisor with a 90° crown-root angulation and palatally displaced crown is presented in the Journal of Orthodontic Science.

Using a single stage open window exposure of the crown on the palatal aspect with light orthodontic traction force, the impacted dilacerated central incisor crown was successfully positioned in alignment with the contralateral incisor. At the 1-year follow-up, the tooth was asymptomatic, vital and periodontally healthy.

Key takeaway:-
- This case report described the successful utilisation of a single stage open window technique and orthodontic traction of an unusual dilacerated maxillary central incisor.

- It demonstrated that a dilacerated root can be moved orthodontically at an older age without loss of pulp vitality and the neurovascular bundle remodels as the tooth is moved orthodontically.

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