Osseous metaplasia of the endometrium: a rare entity
This paper, published in the The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology of India, presents a case of osseous metaplasia of the endometrium, a rarely encountered disease.

Metaplasia is described as a change of one epithelium into another epithelium due to some triggering factor. In this case, endometrium was converted into osseous spicules.

It might be followed by an abortion presenting with Infertility or chronic endometritis or metabolic disorder like hypervitaminosis D or electroexcision of cervix, prolonged estrogen therapy, which is generally diagnosed by hysteroscopy and ultrasound and certified by histopathological examination.

The authors report the case of a patient who presented with osseous metaplasia 17 years post-menopausal and 34-years post-abortion, the longest ever reported in the literature so far.

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