Osteoporosis, Low bone density associated with hearing loss
Women with osteoporosis and low bone density (LBD) are at increased risk of aging-related hearing loss, finds a recent study by the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. Researchers further found that the risk of hearing loss was not altered by the use of bisphosphonate.

Investigators longitudinally investigated associations of osteoporosis and LBD, bisphosphonate use, vertebral fracture (VF), hip fracture (HF), and risk of self-reported moderate or worse hearing loss.

Participants included 60,821 Nurses' Health Study (NHS) women, aged 36–61?years at baseline, and 83,078 (NHS II) women, aged 31–48?years at baseline. Information on osteoporosis, LBD, bisphosphonate use, VF, HF, and hearing status was obtained from validated biennial questionnaires. In a subcohort, objective hearing thresholds were obtained by audiometry.

--The multivariable-adjusted relative risk of moderate or worse hearing loss was higher among women with osteoporosis or LBD in both cohorts.

--In NHS, compared with women without osteoporosis, the MVRR was 1.14 among women with osteoporosis; in NHS II, the MVRR was 1.30 among women with osteoporosis/LBD.

--The magnitude of the elevated risk was similar among women who did and did not use bisphosphonates. VF was associated with higher risk, but HF was not.

--Among participants with audiometric measurements, compared with women without osteoporosis/LBD, the mean multivariable-adjusted hearing thresholds were higher among those with osteoporosis/LBD who used bisphosphonates.

Osteoporosis and LBD may be important contributors to aging-related hearing loss. Among women with osteoporosis, the risk of hearing loss was not influenced by bisphosphonate use.

Source: https://doi.org/10.1111/jgs.17275