Osteosarcoma of the talus Mx with extraarticular resection “
In most cases, osteosarcoma occurs in the metaphysis of long bones such as femur, tibia, or humerus. Meanwhile, osteosarcoma of the talus is extremely rare.

Published in the Annals of Surgery and Medicine, the authors present a case of a thirty-eight-year-old male patient with osteosarcoma of the talus treated with limb salvage surgery. That procedure consists of wide excision as extra-articular resection“ totaltalectomy” followed by challenging reconstruction of the defect using fibular graft and followed by internal fixation and arthrodesis.

Extraarticular resection of the talus was done, which consists of total talectomy and excision of the distal tibia and fibula. An ipsilateralnon vascularized fibular graft was harvested and placed in a horizontal plane to bridge the distal tibia and fibula to the navicular. The graft was fixated using 7.5mm cannulated headless screw and was followed by arthrodesis across the distal tibia and fibula to the calcaneus.

Extraarticular resection “total talectomy” and reconstruction using fibular bone graft technique created a good functional outcome and no signs of local recurrence were found during one-year follow-up.

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