Outcome and complications of self-administration of over-the
Due to unrestricted free availability of abortion pills, despite national policies, guidelines and medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) act, unsafe abortions by self-administration of these drugs for termination of unwanted pregnancies without prescription are becoming common in our country, leading to associated morbidity and mortality.

A prospective observational study was done on women visiting the outpatient department and casualty department with a history of self-administration of medical termination pills without prescription. This study was done to study the outcome and complications occurring due to self-administration of over-the-counter abortion pills that are freely available in the market.

95 women were included in the study and data was collected regarding age, education level, parity, presenting complaints, complications, and their management. Descriptive analysis of the collected data was done.

- In this study 95 women were included, 71.6% took pills before 8 weeks of gestation, 1% took them in the second trimester.

- 46.3% landed up in incomplete abortion and 33.68% needed surgical evacuation, 8.42% had ectopic out, 2.1% had scar site pregnancy, and 7.36% needed laparotomy, 1.05% had rupture uterus followed by abortion pill intake while 1.05% suffered from acute kidney injury (AKI).

- There was no ICU admission nor any mortality.

There is an urgent need for strict legislation to curtail this bad practice and free availability of over-the-counter abortion pills which leads to unexpected morbidity and mortality, such drugs should be given only by health care providers under supervision, there is a need for community-level awareness so as to impart knowledge regarding this problem.

Source: http://dx.doi.org/10.18203/2320-1770.ijrcog20212971