Oval sign: A retained bee stinger #BeeStingInjury
The present case has been published recently in the Indian Journal of Ophthalmology. A 50-year-old male presented with history of redness, watering, and photophobia associated with pain in his left eye for the past 1 month.

He gave an alleged history of some foreign body falling in his eye a month ago while riding a bike. Visual acuity in both eyes was 20/20. Slit lamp bio-microscopy of the left eye revealed sectoral conjunctival congestion and typical brush-marks like abrasion over the inferior corneal surface, which became more obvious on fluorescein staining.

Thorough lower tarsal plate inspection revealed a typical “Oval sign” around the bee stinger. Prompt removal of the bee stinger in conjunction with topical lubricating eye drops resulted in complete resolution of patient's symptoms and clinical signs.

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