Ovarian cysts should be 'watched' rather than removed: LANCE
Women may not need to undergo surgery for non-cancerous ovarian cysts, avoiding potential surgical complications. This is the finding of new research, by a team of international scientists from institutions including Imperial College London and KU Leuven, published in The Lancet Oncology.

This latest study is the largest to date on the 'watchful waiting' approach, which followed nearly 2,000 women as they were scanned in the years after a benign cyst diagnosis.

Opinion is still divided on watchful waiting, with many doctors across the world believing benign cysts should be surgically removed in the majority of cases.

Out of the 1919 women in the trial, one in five had cysts that disappeared of their own accord, and 16% underwent surgery. Overall, in 80% of case either the cyst resolved or did not need intervention.

Only 12 women were subsequently diagnosed with ovarian cancer, making the risk of cancer 0.4%. However, the researchers caution this may be due to the tumours being initially misdiagnosed as non-cancerous on the initial ultrasound scan, rather than a benign cyst turning cancerous.

The research team say these risks must be assessed alongside the risks of surgical removal. The risk of complications, such as bowel perforation, for surgical removal of cysts among women aged 50-74 is between 3-15%.

Know more here: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/02/190205185156.htm
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