Over consumption of natural products: Doctors fight new emer
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Dr Tejal Lathia, a consulting endocrinologist at the Mumbai-based Apollo and Fortis Hospitals, said she was recently left wondering why a Type 2 diabetes mellitus patient had vitamin D toxicity.

Further investigation revealed the culprits — fear of contracting Covid-19 and a social media barrage on the unproven claim that vitamin D pills boost immunity.

“The patient had seen messages on social media on how vitamin D may help in building immunity against Covid-19. But instead of the recommended dose of one pill a week, she consumed one a day,” Dr Lathia told ThePrint.

High vitamin D levels can spike blood and urine calcium levels which, in turn, can cause nausea, vomiting, dehydration, dizziness, confusion, and drowsiness among other changes.

Medical practitioners pointed towards the central government advice of using alternative medicine systems such as homoeopathy and Ayurveda to ward off the coronavirus.

“While using these products in moderation or recommended quantity may not cause any harm, people have started consuming these products without knowing their proper dosage, way of preparation and consumption and their interaction with their ongoing medications. The trend is dangerous,” said Dr Manoj Goel, director, pulmonology at Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram.

Doctors are seeing a spike in the number of patients complaining of side-effects that are then traced back to their diets.

Dr Philips said he has seen “patients who have consumed decoctions of Fenugreek (methi seeds) and landed in trouble”.

According to the Kerala-based doctor, fenugreek seeds in large doses lead to thinning of blood and “can dangerously cause bleeding events in patients with or without liver disease”.

He cited the example of a patient who took to a fenugreek decoction to boost immunity. “After use of fenugreek decoction for a whole week, his test ratio was above 3,” Dr Philips said. “After stopping Fenugreek decoction, the test value was restored to normal levels but he had a few bleeding spots on the skin.”

Dr M. Shafi Kuchay, senior consultant, endocrinology and diabetes at Medanta Hospital in Delhi, tweeted that he had seen a patient who had consumed excessive amounts of turmeric to ward off Covid-19.

Medical practitioners, however, warn that they should be consulted for proper dosage of immunity-boosting products, especially among those suffering from medical conditions.

Source: https://theprint.in/health/too-much-turmeric-methi-vitamin-d-doctors-fight-new-emergencies-driven-by-covid-fear/495557/?amp
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Now Ayush ministry has advised to take quath, haldi or chyawanprash to increase immunity
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Chaonpas with haldi does also help to bust the imuniy.
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Chvanprasma may help for busting the imunity but it still imprfet to clam it. After a pefect tryal you can judge.
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