Overweight and incident hypertension: does age of onset matt
The risk of hypertension is higher in adults with an increased body mass index but there is little data on whether weight gain at a younger age is more detrimental than weight gain later in life. Researchers compared 4742 subjects with new-onset overweight to 4742 age and sex-matched normal weight controls in an ongoing community-based prospective cohort in China with a mean follow-up interval of 5 years.

After multivariable adjustment, they observed a stepwise increase in risk of hypertension in younger adults (particularly those less than age 40 years) with no significantly increased risk for those with onset of overweight at age 60 years or older.

These data suggest that prevention efforts aimed at the reduction or delay of overweight and obesity in younger individuals, may significantly impact the onset of hypertension in later life. Whether such an intervention significantly impacts the onset of cardiovascular disease and its related adverse outcomes requires future study.

Source: https://heart.bmj.com/content/108/9/661?rss=1