Oxygen embolism after hydrogen peroxide irrigation during hi
Hydrogen peroxide has been widely used in Orthopaedics including Orthopaedic oncology, trauma and joint surgeries. However, we encountered an oxygen embolism and myoglobinuria after hydrogen peroxide was used to irrigate a septic hip arthroscopically.

Case presentation

A 61-year-old male patient with right hip septic arthritis underwent an arthroscopic hip washout and debridement. During the operation, the surgeon used 100 ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide to irrigate the joint cavity. Two minutes after irrigation, there was a transient decrease in oxygen saturation, heart rate and blood pressure, with significant subcutaneous emphysema around the wound. Concentrated urine was drained out 8 h after operation which resolved the following day. Post-operatively, the patient was managed in the intensive care unit for a pulmonary embolism and discharged without further complications.

Conclusively, medical staff should be aware of the risk of oxygen embolism and be extremely careful when using hydrogen peroxide in patient care. Oxygen embolism following hydrogen peroxide use is rare, however, once encountered, it may bring serious consequences. Therefore, the use of hydrogen peroxide in closed spaces or arthroscopic procedures should be discontinued

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6993368/