Oxygen shortage impacts life-saving Covid procedure: Pune Do
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A highly beneficial Covid treatment procedure, known as the high-flow nasal oxygen method (HFNO), has now taken a hit because of the erratic supply of medical oxygen in the region.

The procedure has had substantial success in the treatment of patients with respiratory distress.

“There has been an 80% dip in HFNO use in Pune due to oxygen supply shortage,” said Mukund Penurkar, secretary of the Association of Physicians of India, Pune branch.

“This has led to the increased use of non-invasive ventilator support for seriously ill patients.”

There are four ways to send oxygen into a patient: via the normal oxygen mask, HFN0, non-invasive ventilator support and invasive or mechanical ventilation.

The HFNO, which is easy to use, is the perfect bridge between the regular mask and the full-fledged ventilator. But it's also the method that needs the most oxygen.

A patient on a regular oxygen mask requires two to 10 litres of oxygen per minute. Non-invasive ventilator support needs at least 30 litres of oxygen per minute and the HFNO method can need up to 60 litres per minute.

Subhal Dixit, chief intensivist of Sanjeevan hospital said, “HFNO is excellent for seriously ill Covid patients. But many hospitals have reduced its use as oxygen supply has gone haywire.”

Ruby Hall Clinic's chief intensivist Kapil Zirpe helped explain the choices doctors now have. “A single patient on HFNO takes up as much oxygen as 10 patients on the oxygen mask. Very few critically ill patients actually need ventilators."

Urvi Shukla, head of the ICU at Symbiosis University Hospital and Research Centre in Lavale, said, “Hospitals that rely on oxygen cylinders find HFNO use very difficult as cost of oxygen procurement have escalated.”

Source: https://health.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/industry/pune-oxygen-shortage-impacts-life-saving-covid-procedure/78309858
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