PARKES WEBER SYNDROME: A Rare Vascular Malformation-Imaging
Parkes Weber syndrome is a rare complex, combined capillary and high flow arteriovenous malformation with affectation of an entire limb. Hypertrophy of the affected limb and ports wine skin discoloration are commonly associated. This is a case of Parkes Weber syndrome that was first diagnosed at age 5 months as Klippel-Traunanay syndrome but follow-up imaging as the child got older revealed a diagnostic feature consistent with Parkes Weber syndrome. Also described are the Magnetic resonance/Magnetic resonance angiography and digital subtraction angiographic features and intravascular management by combined repeated percutaneous embolization, sclerotherapy and coiling.

A 5-year-old male was brought to the hospital on account of right lower limb enlargement. The parents noticed enlargement and areas of skin discoloration on the right leg since birth. The right lower limb was noticed to be growing disproportionately larger than the left. The pregnancy period was uneventful and no history existed of similar lesions in the family.