PCPNDT Implications for Ophthalmologists
Dr. Shachi Desai
PCPNDT Implications for Ophthalmologists
Ophthalmologists come under PCPNDT act in Maharashtra..

- All facilities providing CT/MRI/B Scan facilities need to register their facility with the District Appropriate Authority

- All such centres will have to follow all provisions of the PCPNDT Act

- The centres will to have to send a report by the 5th of every month, even if the report is nil.
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Why regressive can u explain
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Dr. R●●●n D●●●i
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All ophthalmologists who have B scan will have to register with the Government and submit a report every month even if they have not undertaken any abdominal sonographies. Maybe 1 in a 1000 ophthalmologists misused the B scan machine for sex determination which led to this law. But the answer cannot be in inconveniencing every ophthalmologist who uses B scan.
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