PGI junior residents seek clarity on job profile
Despite making it to the PGIMER after cracking a tough examination, all that the first-year postgraduate (PG) doctors are mainly doing is collecting biochemistry samples (blood/urine) and their reports. There is hardly any direct interaction with the patients in their first year of training.

Unhappy over work profile, the Association of Resident Doctors (ARD) has raised the issue with the director and sought a job charter to define work responsibilities. There are 1,500 resident doctors in the institute. Junior residency starts after MBBS and the duration to complete postgraduation for specialization in a particular area is three years. Every year there is an intake of 1,200 resident doctors in the institute through a PG entrance test of the PGIMER, which sees around 4,000 applicants.

"Almost six months of these doctors is spent in collecting samples and making reports. This is an essential part of medical training, but it cannot continue until one enters the second year," said Dr Uttam Thakur, the ARD president of PGI. "We have demanded a job charter for the resident doctors. Without this, most of the work the junior residents do is wastage of time, as they are not involved in patient interaction," said Dr Thakur.

Three years ago, the PGIMER had demanded phlebotomists (technicians, who take blood samples) in the emergency ward. There are five such experts posted for more than 2,500 patients admitted in various wards, including the emergency.

"We seldom get time for clinical training, as we keep collecting biochemistry samples. After getting here through a tough entrance test, I feel frustrated that in the last five months, I have not done any direct clinical assessment," said a junior resident doctor. The resident doctors form the backbone of the institute as they man the emergency wards and the ICUs 24x7.

The AIIMS, New Delhi has a job charter that lists the job profile of every health worker. It is not uncommon to see the resident doctors in the PGIMER working beyond their shift hours round the clock. "We work here with passion and for learning. But it needs a team work. We can't be left to pull the trolleys, collect samples, make plasters in case of bone fractures, etc," said a resident doctor.

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