PM Modi announces launch of National Digital Health Mission
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed the nation from the majestic Red Fort on the occasion of India's 74th Independence Day.

In the one-hour 26-minute speech, he focused on the themes of "Aatma Nirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India)", "Vocal for local" and "Make in India to Make for World".

He also paid tribute to those on the frontlines of the fight against the coronavirus and declared that India had a roadmap ready for the production and distribution of three COVID-19 vaccines that are at various stages of testing.

On behalf of the entire nation, " I want to thank the efforts of all corona warriors. All those healthcare workers, doctors and nurses, who have worked tirelessly to serve the nation. Many have even lost their lives. The nation salutes them, said PM.

~ Announcement of Launch of National Digital Health Mission

The healthcare sector is another that we are focusing on. "Today, we are launching a National Digital Health Mission. This will bring a new revolution in the health sector. It will be completely technology-based," said PM.

Every Indian will get a Health ID card. Every time you visit a doctor or a pharmacy, everything will be logged in this health card in your profile on a national scale.

One Health ID will have the information on every test, every disease, which medicine was prescribed to you by which doctor, what the reports were.

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Before implementing national digital health mission govt should implement clinical establishment bill which is excellent but not implemented by many states.I thing India is the only country in the world where healthcare rules are excellent but not followed.Today I saw an advertisement with big B for a healthcare organisation in Kerala which is not following clinical establishment bill and working as merchants of death .There is a breach of medical ethics.... Read more
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