Paediatric Mastoid Subperiosteal Abscess: Diagnostic and Tre
Mastoid subperiosteal abscess is the most common complication of acute mastoiditis, classified in the spectrum of intratemporal complications of acute otitis media. The classic sequence of SA formation is the extrusion of pus beneath the periosteum through infectious erosion of the outer cortical bone at the mastoid protuberance or through pre-existing anatomical pathways, such as vascular channels and the tympano-mastoid suture. The article aims at answering practical key-questions on the topic and attempts to come up with a treatment algorithm for SA, mainly based on the clinical experience gained in a tertiary pediatric center. - How is the diagnosis being set?, In which cases could imaging studies be avoided?, What is the best imaging choice - CT or MRI?, Empiric intravenous antibiotic protocols: monotherapy or combinations?, What does conservative surgical management of subperiosteal abscess entail?, How much "conservative" is safe? and When is ENT consultation necessary?...