Pakistan minister takes on IMA for opposing medical journal’
Writing in the reputed medical journal The Lancet, Pakistan health minister Zafar Mirza has hit out at the Indian Medical Association (IMA) for its letter to the journal condemning its editorial on the shutdown in Jammu and Kashmir.

The British journal had last month written about “serious concerns for the health, safety, and freedoms of the Kashmiri people”.

In an article titled “Humanitarian crisis in Kashmir: don’t shoot the messenger”, Mirza, a former high-ranking official at the World Health Organisation — the article, in fact, carried his WHO email address — wrote: “The authors of this statement by the IMA, or at least the hundreds of thousands of doctors they represent, must not forget that when the medical profession becomes accomplice to nationalistic and ideological jingoism, the results for humanity are inevitably tragic, as evidenced by the holocaust in Europe not so long ago. I urge the IMA, or at least the individual doctors this body represents, to have the courage and moral imperative to retract this misguided and damaging statement against The Lancet and focus their attention on the suffering of the people they have taken an oath to protect.”

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