Pandemic Affected Mental Health Of Youth More Than Seniors:
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Mental health has taken centrestage during the pandemic, with cases of depression, phobia and anxiety on the increase, said Dr RN Sahu, renowned psychiatrist and former HoD, department of psychiatry, Gandhi medical college. He has diagnosed over 500 patients since the pandemic began and said it has affected the young more; when it comes to mental health.

The neuro-psychiatric clinic and diagnostic centre was inaugurated by MP medical education minister, Vishwas Sarang. There is a need to improve mental health facilities. Public stigma is the reaction that the general population has to people with mental illness. It should be overcome, he said.

There are instances of people getting repeatedly tested for Covid-19. Others fear hospitalisation and isolation as a consequence of being diagnosed with the infection. Providing guidance and advice during the pandemic is the challenge for mental healthcare providers, said Dr Sahu.

There is connect between impact of Covid on mental, neurological and substance use increase. There are various types of mental health services to help people overcome these challenges during pandemic, he added.

The new OPD facility at the centre would cater to various types of mental illnesses. It would provide special psychiatric clinics for children, adolescents, women and also those addicted to substance abuse. Advanced therapies like rTMS, Ketamine, Biofeedback, Multi-Behaviour therapy, De-addiction, Aversion therapy have also been approved.

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