Pandemic can be stopped, if 70% of public wore masks consist
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The COVID-19 pandemic could be stopped if at least 70 percent of the public wore face masks consistently, according to research, published in the journal Physics of Fluids.

According to the scientists:

• One key aspect of face mask function involves the size of fluid droplets expelled from the nose and mouth when a person talks, sings, sneezes, coughs, or even simply breathes.

• Larger droplets, with sizes around 5-10 microns, are the most common, adding that smaller droplets below 5 microns are possibly more dangerous.

• Among the many types of facemasks in use, such as cloth masks, surgical masks, and N95 masks, they said only the latter can filter out aerosol-sized droplets.

• Performance of face masks worn for many hours, such as by health care or other essential workers, impact how effective overall mask-wearing can be, the researchers added.

• They found that face masks made of hybrid polymer materials could filter particles at high efficiency while simultaneously cooling the face since the fibres used in these allow heat to escape from beneath the mask.

• The highly efficacious facemask, such as surgical masks with an estimated efficacy of around 70%, could lead to the eradication of the pandemic if at least 70% of the residents use such masks in public consistently. Even less efficient cloth masks could also slow the spread if worn consistently.

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