Panicker’s Vacuum Suction Haemostatic Device for Rx Post-Par
The present article appears in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of India.

Negative pressure created within the uterine cavity results in cessation of bleeding from the post-partum uterus including atonic post-partum haemorrhage (PPH) and AUB.

The objective was to find a safe, simple and sure technique for preventing and treating PPH, thereby decreasing maternal mortality and morbidity, and also to find a method to treat PPH in low-resource and primary care settings where even paramedical personnel including ANMs can use this method safely and effectively to save the life of the mother.

Forty women who had normal vaginal deliveries and fifteen women who had LSCS were included in this study during the last two-year period in a low-resource maternity hospital which has about 1000 deliveries in a year. All these 55 women developed PPH in spite of using all uterotonic drugs according to the protocol.

Four women developed atonic PPH, and the blood loss was more than 1500 ml. Blood pressure, pulse rate, haemoglobin haematocrit, platelet count, clotting time and bleeding time were noted. A specially made stainless steel or plastic cannula of 12 mm in diameter and 25 cm in length with multiple holes of 4 mm diameter at the distal 12 cm of the cannula was introduced into the uterine cavity through the vagina to reach the fundus.

The cannula was connected to a suction apparatus, and a negative pressure of 700 mm mercury was produced. The strong negative suction produced in the uterine cavity by this special cannula resulted in sucking out all the blood and blood clots. The inner surface of the uterine cavity got strongly sucked by the cannula. All the bleeding vessels including arterioles and sinusoids get sucked into the holes of the cannula, thereby mechanically closing them.

The bleeding points are permanently closed due to clot formation within 30–40 min. This is a very simple, safe, sure and inexpensive technique to control and cure PPH with absolute success. Instead of using suction machine, a mechanical suction unit of ventouse or MVA syringe can be used. There were no complications and no failure observed by using this device. This life-saving procedure will have a key role in bringing down maternal mortality.

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