Papilledema with dilated scalp veins in a 4-year-old
The present case appears in the journal Ophthalmology.

A 4-year-old boy with headaches and papilledema was found to have macrocephaly with multiple prominent subcutaneous veins overlying the forehead and temple.

Magnetic resonance imaging showed atresia and thrombosis of the posterior sagittal sinus (white arrow) with a persistent embryonic falcine sinus (white asterisk), and multiple enlarged tortuous cerebral veins (black arrows).

Multiple dilated venous collaterals were also visible around the brainstem (white arrowheads) and within the scalp (black arrows).

In this child with papilledema from intracranial venous hypertension, multiple prominent subcutaneous veins provided a diagnostic clue to congenital venous sinus atresia.

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