Paraneoplastic Dermatomyositis
Dermatomyositis and its association with malignancy is well known. Though many tumors like breast, ovary, lung carcinomas are reported to be associated with it, cervical carcinoma is a very rare one. Tumors in these patients are usually unmasked by abnormal findings in the medical history and physical examination. Here we report case of a postmenopausal female who presented with subacute onset of weakness of all four limbs. Treatment of the underlying tumor relieved the symptoms of dermatomyositis in our patient.

Dermatomyositis is associated with number of malignancies (15%). Among them, carcinoma cervix is a rare one.

Case Report
53 yr old postmenopausal female, was admitted for difficulty in using all four limbs since 2 months and difficulty in swallowing since 1 month. It started initially with difficulty in getting up from squatting position and combing hair, later she even had difficulty in holding the footwears and mixing food. She was completely bedridden at time of admission....