Partial annular cervical tear: A case report
Intrapartum annular cervical tears are a rare pregnancy complication. The mechanisms underpinning these tears remain to be elucidated and currently, the optimal management and future pregnancy implications remain unknown.

A 35-year-old nulliparous woman was diagnosed with a partial annular cervical tear following induction of labor. Her intrapartum course was also complicated by an intrapartum fever, prolonged labor induction, and an antepartum hemorrhage. During the second stage of labor, a band of cervical tissue could be seen at the introitus and abutting the fetal head. Following normal vaginal delivery, a portion of cervical tissue was visualized, 2 cm thick by 5 cm long, avulsed at the lateral edge at 9 o'clock, and extending in an annular anti-clockwise fashion towards 1 o'clock. She underwent surgical repair of the cervical tear and had an uneventful postnatal course. At 6 weeks post-partum her cervix appeared to be healing well with 2 cm length palpable on vaginal examination.

This case is the first report of a partial annular cervical tear to present in this manner. While the optimal management and outcomes for tears of this nature remain unknown, the author recommends prenatal ultrasound cervical length screening with consideration of cervical cerclage and elective cesarean section, which could avoid pre-term birth or the recurrence of this type of tear in future pregnancies.