Patellar mobilization therapy may alleviate pain tied to kne
Patellar mobilization therapy- patellofemoral joint mobilization followed by supervised nonload vastus medialis oblique exercise — showed potential in reducing pain in patients with knee osteoarthritis, according findings published recently published in Annals of Family Medicine.

“Presently, clinical guidelines recommend using nonpharmacological strategies as the first-line treatment for knee osteoarthritis and propose individualizing treatment based on the site of joint damage,” the authors write.

Researchers randomly assigned 208 patients with knee osteoarthritis in Hong Kong to either receive no therapy or three patella mobilization therapy treatment sessions from primary care physicians at 2-month intervals for 24 weeks and an accompanying prescription of a home-based vastus medialis oblique muscle exercise.

“Unlike conventional mobilization therapy, that involves multiple treatment sessions at intense frequency, our technique can easily be performed in primary care practices. The approximate time needed for primary care physicians to learn [patellar mobilization therapy] is about 1 hour, which includes an overview of the biomechanics of knee osteoarthritis and supervised practice on three to four patients,” the researchers wrote.

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