Patient - implant dimension mismatch in total knee arthropla
Ideally, component sizing in total knee arthroplasty (TKA) should precisely match anatomical anteroposterior (AP) and mediolateral (ML) dimensions. The current TKA implants available are designed based on morphometric measurements obtained from a Western/Caucasian population. As many other studies but few in India, show the risk of component oversizing is more common in Asians, as they are of smaller built and stature. This study looks into the intraoperative measurements of distal femoral dimensions of patients undergoing TKA in our institute, the ML mismatch, gender variations, correlation of ML mismatch with gender, and the type of implant used...;year=2016;volume=50;issue=5;spage=512;epage=517;aulast=Thilak