Patient's husband posing as doctor directs nurse to administ
Patient's husband posing as doctor directs nurse to administer an injection causing wife's death - A plot scripted by the hospital in defense fails to impress the court
Taking instructions orally or from unauthorised persons (even a doctor) could have disastrous consequences. Following precautions have been advised by the Court -

-Nurses must administer injections and give drugs only on written orders from the doctors and not otherwise. Emergencies, of course, would be an exception, but even then once the emergency is over the aforesaid protocol must be completed.

-Contemplation is required about the settings and the expertise of the person administering potentially hazardous or scheduled drugs.

-Drugs must be stored appropriately. Hazardous drugs need to be stored in a particular manner prescribed by the authorities.

-Any incident that could be a criminal offense must be reported to the police immediately, in writing. Take acknowledgment of receipt on a copy thereof.

-Police have the authority to seize medical records, especially when a complaint of medical negligence is made. In all such cases, first, a request must be made to the police to hand over a photocopy of the medical records seized.
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