Pediatric Femoral Shaft Fracture Management By Titanium Elas
Objective - To assess the usefulness of TENS in treatment of pediatric femoral shaft fractures, which is one of most common pediatric major injuries encountered to orthopedic surgeon.

Material and method - The study was conducted on 112 patients admitted at Govt. Medical College, Haldwani in the Department of Orthopedics from January 2007 to Januray 2012. We included patients of age group of 5 -15 years with fracture shafts of femurs excluding grade 3 compound fractures and pathological fractures. Patients were followed more than a year. Greater emphasis was given on complication analysis, major complications like limb length discrepancy, infection, angulations, and loss of knee movement were noted. Functional outcomes were analyzed according to Flynn criteria. In our prospective study by using Flynn criteria, 86 had excellent results, 24 had satisfactory results, and 2 had poor results.

Discussion and conclusion- Treatment of long bone fracture in pediatric age group by titanium elastic nail is broadly under acceptance. Technical ease, good functional outcome, preservation of epiphysis, low complications are very favorable point for TENS use for femoral shaft fracture. Encouraging reports and low complication from our study also supports exclusive use of TENS in pediatric femoral shaft fracture in age group 5-15 years.