Pediatric fibroma in maxillary sinus following nasal trauma:
Fibroma is a benign tumor of the connective tissue and is classified among the fibrous and fibrous histiocytic lesions. In the pediatric age group, both the differential diagnosis and surgery of maxillary swellings are difficult.

A 26-month old girl applied with swelling and malformation in the nose. She complained of swelling in the right cheek, nasal obstruction and dyspnea during the night time. Her family stated that she had a head trauma 45 days before the application. We observed a rigid mass in the lateral side of the right nasal region consistent with severe edema. The pediatric endoscopic examination displayed a passage obstruction and an expansion of the lateral wall towards the septum. We performed right Caldwell-Luc approach with the endoscopic transnasal approach. The pathological examination with the light microscope displayed dense and thick collagen fibers and fusiform fibroblasts mixed up with these collagen fibers.

Source: International Journal of Surgery case reports

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