People With AB And B Blood Groups More Susceptible To Covid-
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The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has published a research paper indicating that people with AB and B blood groups were more susceptible to Covid-19 compared to other blood groups. Additionally, the research report, which is based on a nationwide seropositivity survey conducted by CSIR, indicates that those who consume meat are more susceptible to Covid-19 than vegetarians.

The high fiber content in the vegetarian diet was attributed to this difference in immune response. A fibre-rich diet is also anti-inflammatory, which can prevent post-infection complications and even prevent the infection from manifesting itself.With a sample size of over 10 thousand people countrywide, the data has been analyzed by a group of 140 doctors.

The survey also found that the highest number of infected came from the AB blood group, closely followed by the B blood group, while the O group people showed the lowest seropositivity.Dr. Ashok Sharma, pathologist, Agra, said that everything depends on the genetic structure of a person. Giving an example, he said that people with Thalassemia are rarely affected by Malaria. Similarly, there have been several instances when the entire family got infected with Covid, but one member of the family remained unaffected.

Dr Sharma said that it is possible that people with O blood group have a better immune response against this virus compared to AB and B groups, although this research merits further and detailed study. This, however, does not mean that people with O blood group can let go of all Covid prevention protocols, as people with O blood group are not completely immune to the virus and are developing complications too.

Commenting on this survey by CSIR, senior physician Dr. S K Kalra said that this is merely a sample survey. He added that the survey's inferences need to be taken with a pinch of salt, as without a scientific understanding of why there was a difference in the infection rates of people with different blood groups, it would be too hasty to say anything about the so-called better immunity of people with O blood group.

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