People over 60 years account for 53% of COVID-19 deaths: Hea
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The Union health ministry on Thursday (9 July) said there was no community transmission in India yet and there had only been "some localised outbreak".

• The ministry also said that the World Health Organization (WHO) has also "not provided any standard definition of the localised outbreak and community transmission".

• "They have given its member states the right to report after assessing the local conditions," the statement said.

• "Currently, India has 538 cases per million population, as per the WHO situation report, whereas some countries are at least 16-17 times more than what it is in India."

• "We have 15 deaths per million population whereas we have countries where it is 40 times as much", said OSD Rajesh Bhushan.

• "10% of India's population (60 years and above) accounts for 53% of the country's coronavirus-linked deaths. People with the age of above 45 years are high-risk population."

• "It is a dynamic and evolving situation; we are keeping abreast with the information coming from WHO headquarters on this aspect," said Rajesh Bhushan, OSD, Ministry of Health on World Health Organization (WHO) saying that "the virus may be airborne".

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An additional and disturbing point. Since a lot of children are dependent on the pension of the seniors,never before has in the history of mankind is it necessary to protect the seniors.
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