People recovered from Covid-19 protected from second infecti
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Three people who previously recovered from Covid-19 were protected during a major outbreak of the disease onboard a fishing vessel that left from Seattle, US, according to a new study that offers the first confirmation that having antibodies are enough to prevent a second infection.

The findings were based on the antibody (serological) as well as viral detection (RT-PCR) tests that were conducted before the vessel departed and upon its return.

During its 18 days at sea, 104 of the 122 crew members contracted the virus from a single source.

A total of 104 individuals had an RT-PCR positive viral test... yielding an attack rate on board of 85.2%.

Only three crewmembers tested seropositive prior to departure in initial serological screening and also had neutralizing and spike-reactive antibodies in follow-up assays.

Since in all 18 people did not contract the virus, the authors acknowledge a faint chance that the three crew members with antibodies may not have had close contact.

The study also highlights how some antibody tests may be more reliable than others. In the initial serological sampling, six people appeared to have antibodies.

“This suggests that neutralising antibodies are a correlate of protection for Sars-CoV-2, with the obvious caveat that more study is needed since the number of people with antibodies) was small,” one of the authors of the study, said in an email response to HT.

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